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How To Choose The Best Dentist For Your Porcelain Veneers

veneers, porcelain veneers, cosmetic dentist, best cosmetic dentists, dental veneer, braces, alternative to bracesChoosing the best dentist for your porcelain veneers is too important to determine by price alone. After all, you can’t put a price on your appearance or your confidence. So when you’re looking for a cosmetic dentist, look for somebody with experience, proven abilities and a proven dedication to their craft.

You should feel comfortable and confident when you sit in your dentist’s chair. If you are considering veneers, do your research. Read reviews to find dentist with a wealth of experience in veneer bonding. Once you’ve narrowed down your options, it is critical that you ask your prospective cosmetic dentist the right questions. Be sure to inquire about the following:

1.    Is there another cosmetic dental solution that would be more effective to perfect my smile?

It’s always a good idea to learn about all of your options before making a decision. Porcelain veneers provide a safe, effective and natural looking solution to a host of dental issues including crooked, discolored or chipped teeth. However, there may be alternative treatments such as braces, whitening or bonding that are more cost-effective or appropriate for your situation. Ask your prospective dentist which treatment strategy makes the most sense for you.

2.   What is your experience with the porcelain veneers procedure? How many patient cases have you successfully completed?

You have a right to know that the dentist you’ve chosen has a track record of proven success providing patients with perfectly matched porcelain veneers. Before committing to the procedure, be sure that your dentist is experienced with this advanced dental cosmetic treatment.

3.   What can I expect from the veneers procedure?

Know exactly how your porcelain veneers work and what to expect from the treatment process. Ask your prospective dentist any questions you might have about the length of the procedure, short and long-term expectations and ongoing self-treatment methods.

4.   What types of complications or side effects can I expect from the veneers procedure?

Find out about any possible complications or side effects before committing to veneers. It’s important that you understand the related risks or potential for residual pain with any procedure. Be sure that your prospective dentist is frank and honest about issues that may arise during or following veneer bonding.

5.   What is your policy on redoing veneers if the results do not meet my expectations or the intended treatment goals that we agreed upon?

The best cosmetic dentists will back their porcelain veneers with a guarantee that centers on your unique treatment goals. Find a dentist who offers an assurance that your treatment process continues until all of your expectations are met.

To learn more about the benefits of porcelain veneers for your smile, call 215-568-8130 or contact Amsterdam Dental and make an appointment with Philadelphia’s best dentists.


Porcelain Veneers: Brighten And Straighten Your Smile

veneers, porcelain veneers, dental veneer, braces, alternative to braces, dental innovationWith porcelain veneers, you get more than just a superior alternative to braces. You get an elegant and innovative solution to a whole range of dental needs. A veneer is a thin layer of tooth-shaped porcelain that is affixed to the surface of your natural tooth, enhancing its shape, color, length or size. In most cases, veneers offer a solution to your dental needs that is versatile and comprehensive. Before deciding on the treatment that’s best-suited to your needs, consider the advantages made possible by the innovation of porcelain veneers:

  • Straighter Smile

Porcelain veneers affix to your teeth and begin straightening your smile right away. Treatment is completed for most patients in as little as two weeks. This represents a considerable advance over braces, which require months or years to render observable improvements. With the current innovations in veneer technology, you don’t have to wait for your expensive orthodontia to pay off, you can start showing off your smile today. 

  • Corrected Defects

In addition to the straightening properties you would get with conventional braces, veneers provide correction for various dental defects or cosmetic abnormalities. Veneers help to close spaces, repair chips, whiten stains and generally repair crooked or misshapen teeth. With today’s technology, don’t just straighten your teeth. Give your smile a complete makeover. 

  • Natural Appearance And Feel

Every porcelain veneer is customized using a model of your existing tooth. The result is that veneers offer a completely natural looking choice for improving or repairing damage to your smile. Veneers also bond to your teeth without the discomfort of brackets, reducing swelling of the gums or the occurrence of lacerations. Last but not least, you don’t have to suffer the embarrassment or irritation caused by conspicuous metal braces. Use the latest in veneer innovations to get straighter teeth without the aesthetic or sensory drawbacks of conventional orthodontics.

  • Stain And Chip Resistance

Protect your teeth with porcelain veneers. Thanks to advances in dental technology, porcelain veneers are inherently stain resistant and unlikely to crack or chip from normal use.

To learn more about the benefits of porcelain veneers, call 215-568-8130 or contact Amsterdam Dental and make an appointment with Philadelphia’s best dentists. 


When Do You Need To See A Prosthodontist?

prosthodontist, prosthodontists, prosthodontics, prosthodontic procedure, prosthodontic procedures, dental implants, veneers, dental bridge, dental crownIf you suffer from discolored, cracked, damaged or missing teeth, you may benefit from seeing a Prosthodontist. Prosthodontists specialize in the treatment of missing or deficient teeth. If you require a comprehensive treatment, rehabilitation and maintenance plan for a clinical dental condition, a Prosthodontist may be the best option.

Before you seek dental attention for a chronic or sudden condition, review the treatment options below to see if you should consult a Prosthodontist: 

  • Esthetic Reconstructive Dentistry

For patients who are missing one or more teeth, dental implants may provide a lasting solution. This procedure returns uniformity and youthfulness to your smile by filling in any gaps left by missing teeth. Dental implants also help prevent the deterioration of your facial structure and improve your ability to maintain effective oral hygiene.

  • Dental Veneers

Veneers use a thin layer of porcelain that is affixed to the surface of your natural tooth, enhancing its shape, color, length or size. Veneers provide straighter teeth in as little as two weeks while addressing such prosthodontic challenges such as discoloration, chips or unevenness.

  • Dental Crowns

Crowns are a common prosthodontic solution for restoring teeth that have been chipped or worn down. Crowns are also the preferred solution for reinforcing teeth weakened by root canal therapy. A prosthodontic specialist molds and fits crowns around your surrounding teeth, customizing treatment to the unique shape and contours of your mouth.

  • Dental Bridges

Prosthodontists specialize in restoration for patients who are missing teeth. Dental bridges fill the gaps in your smile with individually anchored replacement teeth. The tooth-supported bridge also helps to maintain the position of your existing teeth by preventing shifting. 

  • Removable Complete Dentures

If you’ve lost most or all of your teeth due to trauma or decay, you should consult a prosthodontist about the possibility of dentures. Removable complete dentures improve your appearance, facial structure and dental function. 

  • Removable Partial Dentures

If you have large gaps in your smile, removable partial dentures assist in your chewing, improve your appearance and prevent your remaining teeth from shifting.

Looking for a Prosthodontist? Call 215-568-8130 or contact Amsterdam Dental Group online to schedule an appointment with Philadelphia’s best dentists. 

Veneers: Straighten Your Teeth Without Braces

veneers, porcelain veneers, dental veneer, braces, alternative to bracesDid you know that you could have straighter teeth in just two weeks without resorting to braces? Traditional orthodontia is time-consuming, uncomfortable and conspicuous. But when it comes to getting your teeth straightened, you have options.

Porcelain veneers offer you the desired results in a fraction of the time and without many of the drawbacks that accompany braces. When you choose dental veneers over braces you enjoy the following benefits… 

  • Straighter Teeth

Porcelain veneers are a terrific alternative to braces. Veneers use a thin layer of tooth-shaped porcelain that is affixed to the surface of your natural tooth, enhancing its shape, color, length or size. By affixing permanently over your teeth, veneers not only straighten more efficiently than braces, they also achieve… 

  • Faster Results

It could take years to get the kinds of results from your braces that you achieve with dental veneers in a matter of days. Commonly referred to as ‘instant orthodontics,’ veneers help to resolve major space issues and balance tooth size discrepancies in as little as two weeks. As an alternative to braces, porcelain veneers have the potential to improve your appearance practically overnight, offering you a… 

  • More Natural Look

Porcelain veneers are the ideal solution for tooth-straightening no matter your lifestyle. Veneers are custom made from a model of your tooth, which makes this a very natural-looking choice. Because veneers look just like real tooth enamel, this is an especially appropriate solution for adult patients who don’t wish to alter their appearance with braces. Porcelain veneers are easier to maintain than braces and much more difficult to detect. Don’t wait until after you’ve completed years of orthodontia to get the naturally beautiful smile you deserve. Get porcelain veneers and let your smile start shining today.

To learn more about the benefits of porcelain veneers, call 215-568-8130 or click on the button below to contact Philadelphia’s best dentists at Amsterdam Dental Group.


The Benefits Of Investing In Dental Implants

dental implant, implants, dental implant philadelphia, dental restoration, tooth decay, dental bridge workDental implants represent the most advanced tooth replacement and dental reconstruction procedures currently available.

An artificial substitute for your natural tooth roots, the implant fuses seamlessly to the bone, providing strong support for replacement teeth. Dental implants restore your comfort and confidence in a way that dentures and bridge work cannot.

When you choose dental implants, you are investing in the future of your smile. They not only look and feel better, but over the long-term, they also prove a better investment: 

  • More Cost Effective

Don’t be frightened away by the higher price tag of dental implants. Your upfront investment pays off over time. Even with partial insurance reimbursement, the cost of a tooth supported three tooth bridge is about the same as replacing that tooth with a dental implant and crown.

However, recurrent decay, periodontal disease and other oral health issues are both more common and more costly to repair with a tooth supported bridge. New foundations, crown reconstruction and other bridgework restoration all add significantly to the price tag over time. You may be spending more at the outset for your dental implants, but you make that money back by substantially reducing the need for follow-up treatment. 

  • Longer Life Expectancy

According to the American Dental Association, the average bridge lasts 10.1 years compared to 20+ years for 95% of dental implants. This means that with tooth-supported bridge work, you should expect to pay for a total replacement twice as often as when you invest in dental implants. By the 20 year mark, repairs, reconstruction and replacement for your bridge work are likely to have cost you more than twice what you might have spent on implants.

  • Less Dental Reconstruction

The latest dental implant techniques offer you a more natural solution to tooth decay or tooth loss. In contrast to a tooth-supported bridge, the implant requires no crowning or compromising of adjacent teeth. This means reduced discomfort and less long-term maintenance, which together translate to fewer treatments. Dental implants preserve your smile, spare you future dental visits and save you money over the life of your investment.

The cost of dental implants is much less over your lifetime when compared to a three-unit bridge and is the most natural replacement for a missing tooth.

To learn more about the benefits of dental implants, call 215-568-8130 or contact Amsterdam Dental and make an appointment with Philadelphia’s best dentists.


How Dental Implants Improve Your Quality Of Life

dental implant, dental implant Philadelphia, dental restoration, full mouth reconstruction, tooth decay When you smile, the world responds to you in kind. Don’t let tooth decay or tooth loss get in the way of your smile or your life. With the latest technologies and techniques dental implants return the natural look and feel of your original teeth. Dental implants don’t just improve your appearance. They improve your quality of life. Here’s how:

Confidence And Self-Esteem

Your bright smile gives off a sense of ease, confidence and capability. Whether you need a full mouth reconstruction or a less extensive dental implant procedure, advances in dental restoration allow you to leave your dentist’s office with a new replacement tooth the same day of your appointment. This means that when you walk out of your appointment, you’re already on your way to a better self-image:

Improved Appearance

Dental implants bring youthfulness back to your smile, prevent the deterioration of facial structures and reduce the presence of wrinkles around the mouth, helping you convey confidence at every occasion:

  • Job Interviews
  • Dates
  • Photographs
  • Public Speaking Engagements
  • Networking Opportunities

Improved Speech

Speaking in public is stressful enough. You don’t need the added anxiety of unreliable dentures. False teeth may become dislodged, causing you to mumble or slur your speech. But dental implants never budge so you know that when you speak, you’ll be heard loud and clear.

Comfort And Convenience

Dental implants not only look better, they feel better too. You deserve to enjoy your meals. A dental restoration makes this a possibility:

  • Easier Eating

Dental implants don’t move around like dentures. Implants function just like your real teeth so that when you eat, all you’re thinking about is the food.

  • More Freedom

Dental implants reduce the eating restrictions that come with tooth decay, tooth loss or dentures. Enjoy all of your favorite foods without pain or apprehension.

Health And Well-being

  • Oral Hygiene

Thanks to advances in implant technologies and techniques, dental implants don’t require reducing teeth as do methods such as the tooth-supported bridge. This means that more of your original teeth are left intact. Implants also allow you easier access to and between teeth, improving your oral maintenance.

  • Dental Alignment

Dental implants also help preserve the shape of your face and your smile by preventing your teeth from shifting.    

Improve your quality of life with dental implants. A brighter smile is only the beginning!

To learn more about our unique approach to dental restoration or to schedule a consultation, call 215-568-8130 or contact Amsterdam Dental and make an appointment with Philadelphia’s best dentists.


Discover The Benefits Of Invisalign And Transform Your Smile

benefits of invisalign, invisalign providers, invisalign dentists, philadelphia invisalignWhen it comes to straightening your teeth and transforming your smile, you have a couple of options. You can go the traditional route and ask your dentist to install unsightly, uncomfortable metal fasteners and wires that interfere with dental function and may even contribute to tooth decay or damage.

OR, you can ask your dentist about Invisalign®, the comfortable and removable dental alignment option that is virtually undetectable. Invisalign replaces traditional correctional options like braces and effectively treats a wide variety of dental flaws, including:

  • Crowding
  • Spacing
  • Overbite

Invisalign also offers you a number of advantages over braces:

  • Easy to remove for eating, drinking, brushing and flossing
  • No dietary restrictions
  • No metal fasteners, making it easier to enjoy recreational activities, especially for teenagers
  • No brackets, which significantly decreases the risk of tooth decay or damage
  • Uses computer-planned movements to reduce the chance of moving teeth back and forth
  • Shorter and fewer office visits
  • Allows you to brush and floss your teeth normally for better dental health
  • Doesn’t irritate your cheeks and gums

Best of all, this revolutionary dental straightening solution gives you the comfort and confidence to smile wide and often, even during treatment.

Ready to transform your smile without installing a bunch of metal in your mouth? Contact the Philadelphia Invisalign providers at Amsterdam Dental Group

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Cosmetic Dentistry Update: New Techniques To Improve Your Smile

cosmetic dentistry, cosmetic dentist, oral function, porcelain veneers, teeth whitening, whiten your teethIn today’s cosmetic dentistry update, we’d like you to take a look back at your holiday photos from this past year. Do you see your confident and radiant personality shining through or are you hiding your smile?

If your teeth are cracked, chipped or discolored, you probably feel like there’s not a whole lot to smile about. That feeling leaves you looking shy and uncomfortable. Is that really the memory you want to cherish when looking back at those photos years from now? You shouldn’t feel like you have to hide your smile from the world like that holiday sweater from your great aunt Gertrude.

Thanks to the latest cosmetic dentistry techniques, you don’t have to feel hesitant or ashamed of your smile. Let it shine and start the new year off right by talking to your cosmetic dentist about some of the latest modern smile enhancing techniques, including:

  • Porcelain Veneers — These thin layers of personalized porcelain attach to the surface of your teeth, enhancing their natural shape, color, length or size.
  • Teeth Whitening —  While there are plenty of do-it-yourself kits available on the market, a professional treatment by your cosmetic dentist is by far the safest and most effective way to whiten your teeth.

When choosing a cosmetic dentist be sure to ask about their capabilities:

In order to enhance the appearance of your smile, your cosmetic dentist and ceramist should have access to (and knowledge of) the latest digital technologies. In the past, there were few technologies available to cosmetic dentists and ceramists but now they have access to many high-level techniques using evolving technology to craft you a great smile. Some examples of the kind of capabilities you should expect from your cosmetic dentist include:

  • Digital x-rays
  • Intra-oral imaging
  • CAD/CAM laboratory techniques
  • Computerized shade matching

Using these capabilities and more, your cosmetic dentist helps restore your confidence and enhance your smile so the next time you’re in front of a camera, you can focus on capturing the right memory for years to come.

Looking for a dentist offering modern techniques for cosmetic dentistry in Philadelphia or Paoli, PA? Look no further. Amsterdam Dental Group is the region’s premiere dual specialty dentist.

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Philadelphia Porcelain Veneers: Add New Life To Your Smile

porcelain veneers, dental veneers, Philadelphia porcelain veneers, cosmetic dentistry, cost of veneersWant to improve the appearance of your smile without the hassle and expense of prolonged teeth whitening treatments or braces. Porcelain veneers are a fast and effective way to correct a wide range of cosmetic dentistry issues you may face, such as:

  • Small, chipped or cracked teeth
  • Unsightly gaps and spaces
  • Severe stains or dark colors
  • Old fillings and cavities
  • Crooked or misaligned teeth

Porcelain veneers are thin layers of ceramic that are custom fit to each tooth, allowing your cosmetic dentist to adjust the color and shape of your smile. By affixing these customized dental veneers to the surface of each individual tooth, your dentist enhances its shape, color, length and/or size. In just one or two office visits, this process effectively delivers results virtually overnight where other methods might require multiple visits over the course of years to correct the issue.

Porcelain veneers are shaped using models of your teeth and they’re so thin that they transmit light easily, giving you a bright and natural appearance without feeling awkward or crowding your mouth.

With the level of precision required, when deciding whether or not this approach is right for you, it’s important to consider the skill and experience of your dentist as well as the cost of veneers.

During your first visit, your cosmetic dentist should discuss your expectations as well as the size, shape and color of the porcelain to be used with your dental veneers. Your teeth are then prepared for the final restorations and temporaries are placed while a ceramist crafts your veneers. By the second visit, you’ll leave the office with a beautiful, brand new smile!

Looking for a dentist offering dental veneers in Philadelphia or Paoli, PA? Look no further. Amsterdam Dental Group is the region’s premiere dual specialty dentist.

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Dental Reconstruction Offers You A Smile Makeover

full mouth reconstruction, dental reconstruction, cosmetic dentistry, orthodontics

Your smile shouldn’t be a source of fear or anxiety. When you are self-conscious about your smile, it has a big impact on your confidence and your appearance. If that’s the case, you should consider a smile makeover. A dental reconstruction smile makeover is a great way to get that confidence back by improving the health function and aesthetic appearance of your smile.

Smile makeovers look at the shape of your smile, smile line and size, as well as several other unique aspects of your happy face. As part of the process, your team of dental experts will:

  • take pictures of your smile
  • discuss what you like or dislike about your smile
  • review the best makeover techniques or procedures
  • use a variety of techniques to create a preview of your new smile

As part of the initial smile makeover consultation, your dentist considers a number of facial appearance actors, including skin tone, hair color, gum tissue and lip structure/ Most importantly, your dentist and his team reviews all aspects of your teeth, such as:  


When considering the color of your teeth, keep in mind that a discolored smile may suggest an aged mouth. In contrast, a bright white, well-shaped smile offers you a more youthful appearance. Tooth color and shading should be taken into account during the evaluation of, and preparation for, the various cosmetic procedures you may need.

Missing Teeth

One or more missing teeth ruin the look of your smile, as well as affect your bite and increase your risk for tooth decay. Similarly, crooked teeth or gaps can have a significant negative impact on not just the appearance of your smile but overall dental health as well.

Harmony And Balance

Uneven, chipped or cracked teeth or a gummy smile (when your upper teeth have too much gum tissue) disrupt the balance of your smile and may result in a number of potentially serious dental health risks.

Whatever the case may be, there are a number of cosmetic dentistry procedures available to make your smile makeover a success. They include:

  • orthodontics for straightening crooked teeth
  • dental veneers –  a thin layer of tooth-shaped porcelain affixed to the surface of your tooth to enhance its look
  • composite bonding, a tooth-colored plastic material applied to the tooth and hardened with a special light
  • implants
  • restorations
  • bridges
  • partial dentures
  • teeth whitening

Depending on your specific needs, your dental reconstruction and smile makeover may only require one or two appointments to restore your confidence and make your new smile shine.

To learn more about what to expect when scheduling a smile makeover or dental reconstruction, check out this video:  

Looking for the best dentist in Philadelphia or Paoli, PA to conduct your smile makeover? Look no further. Amsterdam Dental Group is the region’s premiere dual-specialty dentist.

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