Some Truths About Sports-Related Dental Injuries

With March Madness in full swing and baseball season fast approaching, understanding sports-related dental injuries, the potential impacts and various protection alternatives are top of mind. And, it all begins with awareness.

Did you know…

According to the Journal of the American Dental Association (JADA), approximately 13-39% of all dental injuries are sports-related.

JADA studies have shown basketball has had the highest number of injuries due close player contact, frequent collisions and game speed.

Males are traumatized twice as often as females.

Within high schools nationwide, only four (4) sports require mouth guards: football, ice hockey, lacrosse and field hockey.

Some of the most common sports-related dental injuries include bone, crown and root fractures as well as traumatic tooth intrusion or extrusion. It isn’t just fractures or tooth displacement, significant force can result in permanent TMJ injuries ~ ranging most minor to severe. Even abrasions, contusions and lacerations can be serious and can hide other significant underlying injuries. As mentioned in a previous post, mouth guards are proven protectorates against teeth fracture and lip lacerations. Moreover, this small powerful apparatus can help prevent concussions.

But dental injuries are not saved for children; they can happen to men and women of any age participating in any activity. Further the activities are not limited to organized team sports. A pick up game of flag football, racquetball at the local gym or bike ride in the neighborhood can be risky. As dental professionals, we recognize the importance of patient education and greater public awareness regarding sports-related dental injuries.

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