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Amsterdam Dental’s, Dr. Baumgarten, Shares Expertise Globally

Dr. Baumgarten, an expert in periodontics and periodontal prosthesis, maintains an active role as an alumnus from the University of Pennsylvania. Currently, he teaches as a Clinical Professor in the Periodontal Prosthesis graduate program at the University of Pennsylvania.

Recently in November, he was given the opportunity to teach a two-day course as a part of the University of Pennsylvania’s 1-year Dental Implant Continuum in Shangai, China.  The experience was extremely rewarding, because he was able to meet and teach dentists from all across China.

After the continuum, Dr. Baumgarten was given another great opportunity to share his knowledge at the China-Japan Friendship Hospital in Beijing, as well as the Aviation General Hospital.  The participants we’re very engaged and excited to learn and he was thrilled the University of Pennsylavia presented him with this gratifying experience.

Dr. Baumgarten

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