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Back to school – the busiest time at Amsterdam Kids

~ Dr. Caleb Cross

miss-carol-kidThe Pennsylvania Department of Health mandates students entering the 3rd and 7th grades or those transferring schools must have a comprehensive dental evaluation completed.

You are probably familiar with the form here. It was sent from your school nurse. It is one most of the Main Line educational institutions have made an annual requirement. My daughter was nearly held hostage from playing 6th grade pre-season volleyball until the form was completed! If you’ve forgotten to do so this summer, you are clearly not alone!

Now that the rush is upon us, it is a perfect opportunity to highlight our Amsterdam Kid’s Health Learning Program run by Drs. Moskowitz & Musso and Miss Carole Butener in our Paoli office. 

Miss carol“Look Mom, No Cavities” is a phrase Dr. Moskowitz has been hearing since the program’s inception more than 46 years ago.  Founded on the principle that with quarterly routine visits, which consists of supervised brushing and instruction, topical fluoride application and dietary analysis, tooth decay can be virtually eliminated. Carole insists that by training parents in their role as “Co-Therapists” in their children’s care, we can ensure teeth are being cleaned effectively on a twice-daily basis and those missed school days because of a toothache or emergency dental visits become a relic of the past.  

Frequent visits in combination with appropriate dental x-rays allow for early detection of any gum disease or decay. It also allows us to monitor skeletal and facial growth as children transition to a permanent dentition, identifying situations when preventative and interceptive orthodontics can be beneficial. 

So at this time of year … Congratulations to Carole, our team and all of our parents for identifying a great number of cavity free kids this month and the on-going commitment to keeping them that way.  Prevention is truly the best medicine!