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Amsterdam Dental Group Takes On The Big Apple

With an eye on the art of digital dentistry

webisteheaderLast week The Greater New York Academy of Prosthodontics (GNYAP) held its 62nd Annual Scientific Meeting and Amsterdam Dental Group was there. Held in the heart of Manhattan, the 2-day event offers a comprehensive program to clinicians, educators and students, highlighting the latest technology, state-of-the art topics and more. Specific presentations included Digital Dentistry in Contemporary Prosthodontics, Guided Surgery – Guided Prosthetics and Digital Workflows from a Perio Prospective – to name a few.

Drs. Jeffrey Ingber and Howard Fraiman, both fellows of the Academy, alongside Dr. Caleb Cross attended this year’s meeting that focused on the advancing digital technologies in prosthodontics. Says Dr. Fraiman, “The meeting reinforced Amsterdam Dental Group’s belief that the future of dentistry centers around digital minimally invasive solutions. We are committed to remain at the forefront of Digital Intraoral Scanning instead of traditional impressions, CAD/CAM dental crown fabrication and MIDI – our computer guided implantalogy technique using minimally invasive dental implant procedures.”

Founded in 1954, the mission of The Greater New York Academy of Prosthodontics is to benefit dental patients by advancing the art, science and practice of prosthodontics, encouraging the highest ethical standards and professional involvement, while promoting a better relationship among the other disciplines of dentistry and related professions.


It’s that time of year again… I’m here in the Big Apple with the Amsterdam Dental team for the annual Greater New York Academy of Prosthodontics meeting. Held the week after Thanksgiving, the GNYAP is an annual affair for us and this year, New York did not disappoint. We met new residents, current colleagues and former classmates plus explored all the city has to offer.

For those not familiar with GNYAP, the organization promotes: the art, science and practice of prosthodontics; the highest ethical standards and professional membership; a better understanding among the specialties of dentistry and related professions; basic and clinical research in prosthodontics.

The annual two-day meeting provides nationally and internationally renowned speakers the opportunity to present evidence based research and expert opinion on the latest techniques, materials and technology. They also demonstrate the highest levels of interdisciplinary care. Additionally, the scientific poster session reports on current clinical research and basic science projects of the top graduate programs in the nation. Amsterdam Dental’s Dr. Baumgarten and Dr. Fraiman are both select members of GNYAP and former presenters at this meeting.

This year, digital technology and its use in dentistry were all the rage. One expert after the next illustrated how the greater accuracy and effectiveness afforded by digital technology results in improved dental outcomes for patients. This is especially true for those needing dental implants, crowns and bridges. While such technology may not sound new, fewer than 10% of the dental offices in the U.S. use it. At Amsterdam Dental, we have implemented digital dental technology at our practice for a variety of procedures, including implants and restorations, in order to provide better care and maximum comfort.

But New York City has far too much going on for only work. Visits to Central Park with the family, the Broadway show – Finding Neverland, a tour of the Secret Service and the 911 Ground Zero memorial provided opportunity to reflect on the tremendous capacity we have to provide joy, protection, service and inspiration to those around us.

For more information on the Greater New York Academy of Prosthodontics, visit www.gnyap.org.