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Spreading the Word about Dental Technology and Minimally Invasive Dental Implants

~ Dr. Howard Fraiman

With cutting-edge office technology and a team of dual-trained dental specialists, Amsterdam Dental Group is leading the charge in Minimally Invasive Dental Implants – or what we cordially refer to as MIDI.

I’ve been drawn to technology for as long as I can remember. Before dental school, I received a Bio-Dental degree from Rennsselaer Polytechnic Institute, an engineering school, so the advent of computer technology in dentistry has been a return to “my roots” – so the speak. To patients, it’s revolutionary.

Today, computers and technology in dentistry allow us to make digital impressions of the mouth instead of using the traditional method of using a tray filled sticky soft material in the mouth. These digital impressions not only don’t taste funny, they provide for greater accuracy and superior patient comfort. Computer technology also enables us to use CAD/CAM design, creating incredibly strong, esthetic crowns and restorations.  

One of the biggest advances has been the use of technology in relation to minimally invasive dental implant surgery. MIDI maximizes patient comfort and results in the most accurate dental implants possible. Over the past several months, Amsterdam Dental Group has continued to improve and add to our existing technology to ensure unparalleled dentistry to our patients.

Beyond the dental chair, I’ve taken this commitment to MIDI and have been sharing information on the current technology to several dental study groups throughout the Delaware Valley, ultimately reaching other dentists and subsequently their patients. It is my belief … If a person needs a dental implant, with today’s technology and MIDI, that’s the way to go.