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Dr. Cross – Checking in from the DVAO 2016 ANNUAL MEETING, PHILADELPHIA

A gathering of world-class clinicians, periodontists, oral surgeons and others with a shared interest in Implant Dentistry

So, you may be asking … “What (or who) is DVAO?” It’s the Delaware Valley Academy of Osseointegration – an organization committed to the rapidly emerging discipline of Implant Dentistry. The group represents a combination of periodontists, oral surgeons, prosthodontists, general dentists, residents and graduate students learning from each other in an open, collegial environment. 

Held at the HUB at Cira Center in Philadelphia, there are a number of reasons to attend the DVAO annual meeting. We get to meet world-class clinicians, share the latest advances, exchange best practices and grow the knowledge base of our field.

At the forefront of this year’s scientific session was the biological management of soft tissues around dental implants and its potential impact on the long-term success of dental implants – a topic I find of interest. Dr. Tomas Linkivicius, a prosthodontist and pioneer in the field from the Institute of Odontology at Vilnius University in Lithuania, discussed his work on vertical tissue augmentation and the implications for marginal bone maintenance.

As I listened to Dr. Linkivicius, I was struck in that his existing study protocols did not include atraumatic, flapless, guided or immediate implant placement techniques currently utilized at the Amsterdam Dental Group. This represents a great opportunity to bring our MIDI procedure to the forefront with world opinion leaders in periodontics and fixed prosthodontics. It also can help improve upon more traditional approaches to delayed implant therapy. I personally look forward to collaborating in future research with Dr. Linkivicius and this subject.

What lies ahead? As DVAO continues to advance multidisciplinary collaboration and discovery among experts in the field of implant dentistry, look for me and others within our practice to be present work and research at this meeting in the near future. Together, we will create and implement educational programs, funded research programs and advancements all to benefit patients of all ages. For more information visit: www.DVAO.org

DVAO Annual Meeting 2016

Success Stories From The Best Dentists In Philadelphia

When it comes to something as important as choosing the best dentist possible, a strong track record of patient success and satisfaction is extremely important. You want to know that you’re placing your dental health in the hands of experienced, compassionate and capable dental professionals. Trust the testimony of patients who have been there. With the best dentists in Philadelphia, you can take comfort in a background of success and excellence, whatever dental procedure or treatment you require: 

  • Tooth Restoration — Paulpaul chiolo

A cracked or chipped tooth doesn’t have to interrupt your life. When Paul broke an upper front tooth, he needed treatment fast. Appearance is important to Paul’s line of work and first impressions are critical to his business. Paul needed the medical skill and artful precision of Philadelphia’s best dentists to repair his smile. His tooth was bonded so seamlessly that Paul can’t even locate the break anymore. Now when Paul smiles, he exudes the confidence and professionalism that his career demands.     

  • Freedom From Pain — Marlamarla phillips

Don’t let chronic tooth pain deprive you of enjoyment. Marla suffered from loose teeth, short roots and tooth pain for most of her life. She needed a dentist who understood the unique challenges of her case and possessed the experience to help her manage them. With Philadelphia’s best dentists, Marla developed a treatment plan that included crowns on her upper teeth. Thanks to the area’s most skilled dental professionals, Marla was cured of her chronic condition. Today, Marla’s smile is beautiful, healthy and pain-free.

  • Comprehensive Treatment Plan — Andiandi morris

Find a dental group that addresses your chronic dental problems with a clear and comprehensive treatment plan. Andi battled chronic dental issues her whole life. She practiced good oral hygiene but still suffered from an array of conditions which required expert care and attention. Only the best dentists in the Philadelphia region offered the kind of specialized treatment needed for a case like Andi’s. She underwent multiple root canals, dental implants, crowns and an ongoing hygiene maintenance program as part of a continuing treatment plan. Today, Andi’s chronic problems have been managed and she is enjoying an optimally healthy mouth.

  • Regular Dental Maintenance — Nikiniki ververelli

Don’t let neglect undo years of expensive dental work or orthodontia. After four years of wearing braces, Niki was concerned that her teeth might shift back to their original position. Fortunately, Niki was referred to the best dentists in the Philadelphia area and she established a regular visitation schedule. The experts at Amsterdam Dental Group armed her with better education on how to care for her teeth at home and scheduled her for regular cleaning and examination every six months. With Philadelphia’s best dentists, Niki’s ensures that her smile stays beautiful and healthy.

To write your own success story, call 215-568-8130 or contact Amsterdam Dental and make an appointment with Philadelphia’s best dentists.


How To Select The Best Dentist In Philadelphia: 5 Key Criteria

best dentist in philadelphia, best dentist, dental care, tooth whitening, dental implants, porcelain veneers, full mouth reconstructionWhether you just moved to The City of Brotherly Love or you’ve lived here for years, finding the best dentist is important. After all, the health and appearance of your smile plays a huge role in your self-confidence and wellbeing. You can’t afford to put your trust in just any cosmetic dentist. So, whether you are looking for tooth whitening, dental implants, porcelain veneers, a simple smile makeover or a full mouth reconstruction, how do you choose the best dental care provider?

Here are five key criteria to help you choose the best dentist:

Education — Make sure the dentist you choose:

was educated and trained at a top dental school

keeps up with continuing education programs

has advanced training in specialty care (e.g. is a periodontist and/or prosthodontist)

has a long-standing dental practice

is a dental school professor

is familiar with the latest industry knowledge and trainings

Emergency Preparedness — Your dentist should be ready to handle any dental care emergencies you may have. That means being prepared with a comprehensive plan of action for treating you in the event of a dental crisis.

Friendliness/Customer Service — The best dentist’s staff should be friendly, making you feel welcome from the moment you step into the reception area. No one wants to deal with a rude office staff…it sets the tone for your entire visit. Make sure you trust the dental staff to meet your expectations.

Reviews/Recognitions — Do some research into what others have said about the dentist you are considering. Take a look at local professional or business organizations’ reviews. See if the media has recognized the dentist in local publications like Philadelphia Magazine’s Top Dentist List.

Rapport — This last criteria is hard to quantify but may be the most important of all. Make sure you have confidence in the dentist, especially if you want him caring for your teeth for years to come.

Looking for the best dentist in Philadelphia or Paoli, PA? Look no further. Amsterdam Dental Group is the region’s premier dental practice.

To learn more about our unique approach to dentistry or to schedule a consultation, email Amsterdam Dental or call 215-568-8130.